Advantages of a Design-Build Remodel

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You’ve decided to remodel your home, and now it’s time to choose a remodeling contractor. Most remodels require multiple contractors to handle certain aspects of the project, such as plumbing, electrical, and carpentry, so you’ll be busy putting together your team. However, you can reduce your stress load and reap the advantages of a design-build …

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Tips for a Successful Home Remodel

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With homeowners in Northern Colorado seeking luxury living and more energy-efficient homes, residential remodels are on the rise. While the prospect of a home renovation can be exciting, the actual process can be quite stressful. If you’re thinking about renovating your home in Colorado, consider these tips to ensure a successful home remodel. Tips for …

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Qualities of a Good Commercial Contractor

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When you own a business and need a commercial contractor for a commercial build or remodel project in Denver, recognizing the qualities of a good commercial contractor can make the decision of which contractor you choose to work with much smoother. Since commercial projects are complex and take quite some time to complete, having a …

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Reasons to Build a Home Addition

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There are many reasons homeowners choose to build a home addition, and while those reasons can vary, there are practical purposes for building onto a home. Whether a growing family or lack of function, building a home addition can be the right solution for many homeowners in Northern Colorado. 3 Main Reasons for Building a …

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Home Renovation Trends for 2022

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Is a home renovation on your list of projects for 2022? The past couple of years have been a great opportunity for homeowners in Northern Colorado to reconsider their way of living, and with that being said, reinventing the home to inspire the mind while improving its function is an ideal way to welcome the …

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Garage Remodel Ideas

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If you have a garage, but don’t think it’s living up to its full potential, a garage remodel just might be the answer. Sure, you might occasionally park your car in the garage when it rains, or use it to store miscellaneous junk, but when you need additional square footage, the garage is a great …

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Restaurant Remodels Frederick, CO

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KBC Remodeling Services is a professional commercial contractor providing quality restaurant remodels in Frederick, CO and the neighboring communities. Our company is fully licensed and insured and our commercial remodeling contractors have the experience and skills to handle any restaurant project, regardless of scope.  At KBC Remodeling Services, we have been providing our expertise in commercial restaurant renovations and …

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The Modern Mudroom

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While mudrooms might be the dedicated ‘drop zone’ for backpacks, coats, hats, and other belongings, their purpose can serve much more than just a space to collect clutter. Today’s modern mudroom displays eye-catching aesthetics, along with additional features that maximize function and storage. If you are considering a mudroom renovation, or want to add a …

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Tips for Designing a Home Theater

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With more people choosing to stay at home, especially in recent times, custom home theaters have become an increasingly popular choice for residential remodels in Northern Colorado. If your home offers unused space, such as an unfinished basement or living area, KBC Remodeling Services can help you transform that space into a beautiful custom home …

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Top 6 Home Addition Ideas

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Whether adding an addition to the home to allocate more space or to simply reinvent its footprint, home additions have become increasingly popular over the last few years. While a home addition is an investment, that investment will not only increase the home’s value, but it will also enhance the lifestyle of the occupants. If …

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