Professional Residential Maintenance Services Longmont, CO

Posted December 12, 2022 & Filed under General Contractor Longmont, Home Maintenance, Lighting.

Home Repairs, Handyman, and Home Maintenance Services in Longmont If your home has a list of honey-dos that just aren’t getting done, KBC Remodeling Services offers professional residential maintenance services in Longmont and the surrounding areas to help homeowners get a jumpstart on all their home maintenance service needs. KBC Remodeling Services of Longmont is …

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Home Additions Longmont

Posted April 04, 2021 & Filed under General Contractor Longmont, General Remodeling Contractor, Home Addition.

In recent years, multi-generation and multi-family homes have become the norm throughout Longmont, and with this increasingly popular way of living comes the need to accommodate families, both comfortably and affordably. With the rising costs of property in Colorado and across the country, upgrading to a larger home isn’t always an option; however, a home …

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Tackle Those Summertime Handyman Projects with a Home Maintenance Contractor

Posted July 07, 2018 & Filed under General Contractor Longmont, Home Maintenance, Uncategorized.

Summer is half way over, and while most homeowners plan on taking advantage of this time of year to tackle those home maintenance projects, time somehow gets away and the list of household repairs continues to grow. From sealing the deck to cleaning out the gutters, and everything in between, the tasks can become overwhelming. …

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How to Find a Reputable Full Service Contractor in Longmont

Posted February 02, 2017 & Filed under General Contractor Longmont.

Looking for a competent and trustworthy construction company is challenging. As an established full service contractor in Longmont, KBC Remodeling Services looks forward to showing you proof of our top-quality craftsmanship and proving our superior customer service. 5 Tips on Hiring a Full Service Contractor Start with Recommendations– Ask family and friends in the area …

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Choosing Kitchen Countertops

Posted April 04, 2016 & Filed under General Contractor Longmont, Kitchen Remodel.

There are so many components to a great kitchen—cabinets, appliances, flooring, lighting, and of course countertops.  Whether doing a simple kitchen update or a full kitchen remodel, countertop choices will play an integral role in the overall design and function of the space.  There are a plethora of excellent countertop materials and trends to choose …

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Outdoor Living Space in Colorado

Posted February 02, 2016 & Filed under General Contractor Longmont, Outdoor Living Space.

Spring is around the corner and your outdoor space is probably due for a nice spring cleaning.  But what if you find that space lacking?  Sure, it’s…space.  But does it provide you with actual “outdoor living” or just provide yet another yard space to maintain?  KBC Remodeling Services in Longmont can help.  We have been …

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Finish Carpentry | General Contractors Longmont

Posted February 02, 2016 & Filed under Carpentry, General Contractor Longmont.

The Wikipedia definition of carpentry says, “carpentry is a skilled trade in which the primary work performed is the cutting, shaping and installation of building materials…”  We’d like to put some emphasis on the word “skilled”.  Can anyone Youtube a video of finish carpentry how-to’s? Sure…but do you really want the end result this will bring?  Finish carpentry …

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