As winter fast approaches, so does the need for winterizing your home. Colder temps, along with harsher weather, can have a negative impact on your home when it’s not prepared. If you need help winterizing your home in Longmont, the handyman team at KBC Remodeling Services can help.

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KBC Remodeling is a professional residential and commercial remodeling contractor providing quality home maintenance services for clients in Longmont and the surrounding areas. Our handyman contractors are highly skilled in residential maintenance and offer a variety of handyman services.

Seasonal maintenance does more than just protect your home from the elements. Winterizing can save homeowners on energy bills and prevent unexpected expenses on home repairs. It’s an affordable service to safeguard your biggest investment.

How to Winterize Your Home in Longmont

Sprinkler Maintenance

Outdoor spigots and sprinkler systems can easily be damaged by freezing temperatures. Blowing out excess water from sprinkler pipes, shutting off sprinklers, and covering spigots will prevent damage to the sprinkler components, saving you money on repairs.

Install and/or Test Carbon Monoxide/Smoke Detectors

Fireplaces, furnaces, space heaters, etc. can cause fire hazards and health risks during the winter months. Having carbon monoxide and smoke detectors installed in bedrooms, kitchens, common areas, and each level of the home is the best way to protect you and your loved ones. If you already have detectors installed, testing and/or replacing batteries should be done about every 3 months.

Clean and/or Repair Gutters

Cleaning gutters and making any necessary repairs will ensure that your gutter system continues to protect your home throughout winter. Removing the debris and leaves that have built up throughout the year will keep snowmelt and moisture flowing smoothly away from your home, its foundation, and roof, minimizing risks of damage and costly repairs.


Cracks, gaps, and holes around doors and windows allow cold air in, making it harder to heat your home. Not only does this disrupt comfort and create poor indoor air quality, but it can also cause your heating bills to skyrocket. Weatherstripping doors and caulking cracks are an effective, yet inexpensive way to improve energy efficiency and air quality in the home.

Repair/Replace Exterior Doors

Exterior doors can create drafts and leaks when they are damaged or not installed properly. This can result in increased energy bills and water damage. Installing storm doors can improve a home’s energy efficiency and comfort in the winter. Draft guards and weatherstripping can also help keep cold air from coming into the home. Doing exterior door repairs, or replacing them, is your best bet for saving money and staying warm during the coldest months of the year.

Insulate the Home

Adequate insulation is key when it comes to energy efficiency and savings. Check the crawl space and/or attic in your home to ensure sufficient insulation. Add more insulation in areas where it might be missing or damaged.

Following these home winterization tips and performing necessary maintenance will make all the difference in how your home and family is protected during the winter months. And, when you need a helping hand to tackle any of these projects, the handyman contractors at KBC Remodeling Services are happy to help.

KBC Remodeling Services has been a trusted residential contractor in Longmont and the neighboring areas for over 35 years. Our handyman team is reliable, trustworthy, and provides comprehensive home maintenance services designed with homeowners in mind. When you need a reputable, experienced handyman for quality interior and exterior maintenance services, you can count on KBC Remodeling Services!

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