Boulder County’s Historic Renovations Contractor

When considering a historic renovation, it is important to understand and appreciate the details that make the structure so special. Restoring the integrity and beauty of a deteriorating historical home or building is the overall objective, yet in doing so, it is important to preserve the original features of the architecture that make it so significant. While remodeling may be necessary to improve certain structural components for safety and accessibility, preserving the original materials of the structure will enhance the charm and history that sets it apart from modern properties.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation emphasizes that, when renovating your historic home, “…selecting the proper contractor and architect is crucial to your project’s overall success”. And while choosing the right contractor is essential for any renovation project, when it comes to historic renovations, it is absolutely imperative! In Longmont, Boulder, and throughout the Northern Colorado Front Range, KBC Remodeling Services is your historic renovations specialist.

KBC Remodeling Services has over 10 years of experience providing historic renovations in San Francisco, and more than 20 years in Boulder Old Town, Longmont, and Old Town Longmont. The professional and highly skilled team of contractors at KBC Remodeling Services deeply appreciates the history and culture that historical structures represent and looks forward to the challenges of preserving them.

Our crew understands the significance of preserving the rich history of our communities and we are able to apply our wide range of construction expertise to these special, and often complex, projects. From intricate interior finishes to structural restorations, KBC Remodeling Services brings dedicated experience and superior craftsmanship to every historical renovation, regardless of scope.

Our renovation contractors at KBC Remodeling Services have extensive experience in remodeling and renovating historic buildings and homes. We are fully licensed and insured and have broad knowledge in in building codes and permitting. Our team is dedicated to providing high-quality, custom remodeling services for your historic structure, while maintaining its historical charm and style.  We are extremely proud of our projects in Boulder, Longmont, and San Francisco, and consider our track record of historic renovations to be exceptional.

Choosing the right contractor who recognizes the importance of maintaining the antiquity and integrity of a historical structure is the greatest way to ensure that the goals of your renovation project will be achieved. When you partner with KBC Remodeling Services for a historical renovation, we will take the time to assess the building and pay attention to every detail. We will respect the original features of the architecture and

provide the necessary renovation services to restore the components with materials that depict the originality of the building.

If you own a historic property in Boulder Old Town, Longmont, Old Town Longmont or the neighboring communities and have a historic renovation planned, contact the historic renovation specialists at KBC Remodel Services and request a consultation today.