Summer is half way over, and while most homeowners plan on taking advantage of this time of year to tackle those home maintenance projects, time somehow gets away and the list of household repairs continues to grow. From sealing the deck to cleaning out the gutters, and everything in between, the tasks can become overwhelming. Hiring a full-service maintenance contractor is ideal when it comes to addressing the repair and maintenance needs that come with owning a home. KBC Remodeling Services of Longmont is a full-service contractor that offers home repair and maintenance throughout the Boulder County area.

The Most Common Summertime Maintenance and Repair Projects:

  • Deck Sealing and repair: Summer is a great time to have your deck re-sealed, as this will help keep the wood from splitting and cracking.
  • Gutter Repair and Cleaning: Summer storms can cause debris to build up in gutters, and cause damage. Having gutters and downspouts cleaned are recommended during this time of year.
  • Floor Repairs and Refinishing: Floors experience the most wear and tear of anything in the home. Hiring a professional contractor to refinish your floors is imperative when it comes to this project!
  • Repair and Repaint: This goes for the interior or exterior of the home. Cracked or chipped paint can make your home visibly unappealing and vulnerable to the elements. Summer is a great time to tackle this task.
  • Fence Maintenance: Inspect your fence and make any necessary repairs or reinforcements. Reseal or repaint to help protect the wood.

If you live near in the Longmont or Boulder County area and need a hand with these tasks, or any other home repair or maintenance projects, KBC Remodeling Services home maintenance contractors offer their expertise in virtually any project, big or small, to allow you more time to enjoy your summer. KBC Remodeling Services offers their affordable handyman services to residential and commercial clients. Call KBC today to discuss any of your home repair or remodeling needs.