Home addition model

There are many reasons homeowners choose to build a home addition, and while those reasons can vary, there are practical purposes for building onto a home. Whether a growing family or lack of function, building a home addition can be the right solution for many homeowners in Northern Colorado.

3 Main Reasons for Building a Home Addition:

Adds Value to the Home

It goes without saying that home prices in Northern Colorado are surging! The more square footage a home offers, the bigger the price tag. A home addition, such as an extra bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen expansion can make the return on your investment quite rewarding.

Add Valuable Square Footage

Multi-generational households have become the norm for many families throughout Northern Colorado. For homeowners taking in their aging parents or adult children, building a home addition might be the only solution for accommodating family members.

A home addition can be ideal when it comes to adding valuable square footage. Not only can it make living more comfortable for the occupants of the home, but additional square footage will also increase the value of the home. Not to mention, building a home addition is much more cost-effective than buying a larger home and a lot less work than moving!

Improve Functionality

The past couple of years have made many homeowners realize that building a home addition can really improve quality of life in the home. Custom home offices have become increasingly popular for home additions and remodels to accommodate remote working. Expanding the outdoors to include outdoor living has also trended, as the way we socialize and entertain has become of greater concern and need for many homeowners.

Whatever the need, improving the home’s functionality can be easily obtained with a custom home addition. Whether a home office, larger kitchen, additional bedroom, or craft studio, the possibilities are endless!

Once you’ve decided to build a home addition, the next step is to partner with a professional contractor that offers the expertise residential remodels and home additions. In Longmont, Boulder, Denver, and the surrounding areas, that contractor is KBC Remodeling Services.

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If you’re considering a home addition to improve your lifestyle, the experienced team of designers and contractors at KBC Remodeling Services deliver superior service and quality workmanship backed by over 25 years of dedicated experience. Give us a call to request a free estimate today!