A mudroom with built-ins

While mudrooms might be the dedicated ‘drop zone’ for backpacks, coats, hats, and other belongings, their purpose can serve much more than just a space to collect clutter. Today’s modern mudroom displays eye-catching aesthetics, along with additional features that maximize function and storage.

If you are considering a mudroom renovation, or want to add a mudroom in your home, the designers and contractors at KBC Remodeling Services can create a modern mudroom that expands your organization needs with style and purpose.

Modern Mudroom Ideas


Built-ins can be designed to serve a multitude of purposes. Not only will built-ins maximize storage, but they can also provide a beautiful display for your modern mudroom. Some popular built-ins for mudrooms and entryways include:

  • Seating – Built-in benches are great for having a place to sit and remove wet clothes or shoes. They can also feature storage under the seat, which provides additional space to store blankets, linens, or whatever you desire.
  • Shelves – Shelves can be added to display shoes, books, plants, or other items. They offer a sleek design that is functional.
  • Lockers – Consider built-in lockers to accommodate coats, backpacks, and other belongings that you would rather not have lying around the house.
  • Cabinets – The addition of built-in cabinets can add valuable storage for laundry supplies, pantry items, and miscellaneous belongings that don’t have a place to call their own.
  • Nooks – Incorporating stylish cubbies that include hooks or shelves can be a beautiful way to store keys, coats, hats, umbrellas, or anything you wish.

Pet Washing Station

For animal lovers, your modern mudroom can include a pet washing station. A pet washing station can provide all of the luxuries a pet, and homeowner, could desire. From a dog grooming tub to a built-in kennel and storage for your pet’s food, toys, and accessories, what would a modern mudroom be without these amenities!

Laundry/Mudroom Combo

Perhaps your current laundry room is too small. Or maybe you like the idea of having your laundry room and mudroom combined. Regardless of your need, a modern mudroom can easily become a home for your washing machine and dryer. Add shelving, cabinets, and plumbing and your mudroom can serve multiple functions.

Powder Room

If you need a space for primping, consider a powder room in your modern mudroom. A built-in vanity with drawers, shelving, and cubbies can accommodate your beauty products, jewelry, and other essentials. Install tile flooring, paint the walls, and add a mirror and nice rug, and voila! Your mudroom can now serve as a powder room.

Craft Station

For the avid crafter, a modern mudroom can become the ideal crafting station. A built-in crafting table can be added, along with plenty of drawers and shelves, to make all of your crafting supplies easy to store and readily available.

Sporting Goods Storage

If your family loves sports or outdoor activities, a modern mudroom is the perfect place to incorporate storage for all things sports. A trough with a metal lining is a great place to put the skis after a day on the slopes, or narrow, built-in nooks to house fishing poles for easy access. Add cubby holes to store the kid’s baseballs and gloves, and lockers to keep their uniforms and sports gear tucked away. The possibilities are endless!

When it comes to storage, there’s never enough, yet a modern mudroom will expand your storage and enhance organization in the home. What’s even better, a mudroom designed with the right finishes and fixtures can be a beautiful way to display your belongings.

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