Design-build remodel

You’ve decided to remodel your home, and now it’s time to choose a remodeling contractor. Most remodels require multiple contractors to handle certain aspects of the project, such as plumbing, electrical, and carpentry, so you’ll be busy putting together your team. However, you can reduce your stress load and reap the advantages of a design-build remodel by partnering with a full-service contractor. In Northern Colorado, that contractor is KBC Remodeling Services.

KBC Remodeling Services is a design-build remodel contractor with over 25 years’ experience in the northern Colorado Front Range. Our company is fully licensed and insured and we provide quality residential and commercial remodels offered under one contract.

The Advantages of a Design-Build Remodeling Team

Precise Coordination

Trying to juggle multiple independent contractors for a remodel is challenging. Through precise coordination, KBC Remodeling Services will organize and manage the team of contractors for your project, alleviating your stress load. Being your single point of contact keeps the communication process much smoother.

Custom Design

You have a vision, yet you’re not sure where to start. At KBC Remodeling Services, our experienced design team will work with you to create a custom design that meets all expectations. From aesthetics to layout, they will help you create a plan that not only meets your vision, but that also works with your budget.

Effective Teamwork

Because our design-build team works together, it makes it easier to provide superior service and workmanship. We rely on each member of our design-build team for planning, scheduling, resolutions, and keeping the project on track. We encourage our clients to be a big part of our team to ensure success on every remodel.


Another advantage of a design-build remodel is that one team is accountable for the entire project. Since KBC Remodeling Service will be responsible for overseeing the remodel, from start to finish, we will be able to provide accurate bids for all aspects of the project and maintain one contract.

KBC Remodeling Services is Northern Colorado’s Design-Build Contractor

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The prospect of remodel is exciting; however, it can be a stressful endeavor. KBC Remodeling Services and our design-build team can help make the process a positive one.

If you own a residential or commercial property in Denver, Boulder, or the surrounding areas and are planning a remodeling project, take advantage of a design-build remodel by calling the professional team at KBC Remodeling Services today! We offer free estimates and provide quality remodeling services you can trust!