With more people choosing to stay at home, especially in recent times, custom home theaters have become an increasingly popular choice for residential remodels in Northern Colorado. If your home offers unused space, such as an unfinished basement or living area, KBC Remodeling Services can help you transform that space into a beautiful custom home theater.

Custom home theater

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If you are planning to finish your basement, or renovate an area to incorporate a media room, here are some tips for designing a custom home theater that can be enjoyed by family and friends for years to come.

Planning a Custom Home Theater

Designate the Space

The space that you choose to build a home theater should be separate from areas in the home that can cause distractions. It should provide ample room for adequate seating and optimal viewing. The fewer the windows and doors, the better.

Plan the Layout

Consider how you want your custom home theater laid out. Will there be built-ins? Do you plan on having a projector screen or television? How many people do you want to accommodate and how will the seating be arranged? From choosing the location of the movie screen to the placement of the electronics, planning the ideal layout will make all the difference when it comes to getting the most out of your media room.


Electronics, such as DVD players, flat screen televisions, speakers, etc., are the primary components of a media room. Some homeowners may opt for a TV, while others may choose a large projector screen. Whatever your choice, make sure that the size of your screen doesn’t overpower the room and that your audio equipment is placed strategically to provide quality sound. Including built-ins is a great way to keep electronics, movies, etc. discreet.


Dimmers, recessed lighting, soffits, and rope lights are a key component of a home theater. Dimmers are great for controlling the light in the cinema room and recessed lighting can be strategically placed to form a classic home theater look. Try to place most of the lights behind the seats to avoid interference with the viewing experience.

Fixtures and Finishes

Custom home theaters can be designed based on the homeowner’s style and vision. For some, the classic movie theater with dark walls, velvet drapes, and tiered seating is the goal. For others, it could be a more modern, simplistic style. The possibilities are endless!

Optional Features

Sloped floors, multi-level seating, snack bars, and wet bars are just a few of the optional features that can be incorporated into a custom media room. Adding built-ins is another feature that can add storage, while enhancing the look of the cinema room.

KBC Remodeling Services is your Custom Home Theater Specialist!

With careful planning and the right remodel contractor, the vision of a custom home theater can easily become a reality. At KBC Remodeling Services, our all-inclusive services include a design team that can help you with all the planning and details. Once your plan is laid out, our experienced remodeling contractors will build your custom theater to your specifications. We handle all the vendors to make the process simple and stress-free. From the conception phase to clean-up, our professional team will ensure that your home theater exceeds all expectations.

If you live in Denver or throughout the Northern Colorado Front Range and want more information about building a custom home theater, contact KBC Remodeling Services today. We offer free estimates, quality workmanship, and superior service you can trust!