Trends, trends, trends! We hear about new trends every year, and while some trends come and go, others become lasting impressions. With that being said, the 2023 remodeling trends for residential remodels will likely become those trends can be lived with for years to come.

When you look at these top remodeling trends for 2023, you are going to want to start planning your next home remodel. If you live in Northern Colorado, KBC Remodeling Services can help make it happen!

Top Remodeling Trends for 2023

Laundry Rooms

Utility rooms are being transformed from a no-frill space to an area that offers beauty combined with functionality. From custom cabinets and lights to artisanal shelving and tiles, washing clothes in this renovated space is sure to become a desired chore in 2023.

Personal Spa-Oasis

2023 is the year to reinvent the bathroom and take relaxation to a whole new level! This space can be so much more than just a place to, you know…and creating a retreat to relax and unwind is so good for the soul.

Consider incorporating a large soaking tub, subtle lighting, soothing colors, a walk-in shower, and built-ins for all your accessories to create an oasis that can be enjoyed anytime.

Multi-functional Islands
kitchen island

Kitchen islands are quite common in homes, but the islands trending for 2023 provide multiple functions that are stylish, efficient, and all the rage!

Sure, islands are great for adding extra counter space and maybe a couple of extra seats, but kitchen islands trending for 2023 offer space-saving options, along with plenty of seating to accommodate family and guests at gatherings.

Built-in seating in kitchen islands has become very popular for homeowners, as well as larger seating areas around the island. Trash receptacles, dishwashers, and pullouts installed in the island helps save space in other areas of the kitchen. Bookshelves in the island can be a great place to display cookbooks while keeping them accessible. With a multi-functional kitchen island, the possibilities are endless!

Bringing In the Outdoors

For nature lovers, bringing the outdoors inside is a hot trend for 2023. Whether installing floor-to-ceiling windows to bring in natural lighting or a capture a great view of the mountains, or incorporating natural materials, such as stone or reclaimed wood, remodeling to bring in the outdoors will beautifully transform any space.

Built-in Storage

Storage – no matter the lifestyle, storage seems to be an issue for most homeowners. Built-in storage is a trend that has been trending for years. Today’s storage solutions offer style, organization, and function, making built-ins more and more popular.

Modern Mudrooms
built-in storage

If your home could use a space that will help keep the house clean and free of “stuff”, think mudroom. A modern mudroom offers more functionality than you might expect. It’s a place where shoes can come off, coats can be hung, the dog can be washed, clothes can be laundered, sporting equipment can be stored, and crafts can be kept.  

All homes need a transition zone that provides organization and storage for everyday items that can quickly cause clutter. Built-in shelves, lockers, seating, and nooks are great ways to store backpacks, winter boots, blankets, and other items that might, otherwise, be hard to store.

Mudrooms can also include sinks, grooming tubs, and laundry machines. These are great amenities for homeowners who want to stop the dirt at the door.

Multi-purpose Rooms

Multi-purpose rooms are trending big for 2023! Creating a space that offers multi functions has proven effective for many homeowners, especially post Covid.

Examples of multi-functional rooms include a kitchen that doubles as a workspace, mudrooms that include a dog grooming station, or a playroom with a homework zone. With the right layout, custom built-ins or cabinetry, and furnishings, a remodel can transform any space so that it provides multi-purposes.

Residential and Commercial Remodels Colorado

Now that you know the remodeling trends for 2023, finding a contractor to help you plan your remodel and bring it to fruition is your next step. In Northern Colorado, that contractor is KBC Remodeling Services.

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