whole home remodel BoulderMost environmentally-conscious homeowners have probably already updated lights with LED or compact fluorescent bulbs, improved insulation, and chosen new Energy Star appliances or high-performance windows when the old ones were ready to be replaced. Even bigger steps can be taken to improve your home’s energy efficiency if you are ready for a whole home remodel in Boulder, and the experts at KBC Remodeling Services are well-versed in all the options!

Increasing Energy Efficiency with a Whole Home Remodel in Boulder

  1. Solar Panels– Installing solar panels on a south-facing roof just makes sense with Colorado’s 300 days of sunshine a year, and putting in a solar hot water heater at the same time would be a good companion.
  2. Radiant Heat– Wall-to-wall carpeting is no longer the preferred flooring for most homeowners but nobody wants to sacrifice a warm floor in winter, which is the major feature of a radiant heat floor system plus the added bonus of lower heating costs!
  3. Passive House– Significant energy savings can be realized with simple principles such as well-planned window positions, well-insulated windows and walls, and airtight construction.
  4. Rammed Earth– Rammed-earth walls are very efficient at capturing and storing heat, and when combined with other energy-efficient features can do away with the need for a central HVAC system.
  5. Ground Source Heat– Geothermal heat pumps (not geothermal energy) gather heat absorbed at the earth’s surface to heat and cool a home.
  6. Greywater System– Rainwater collected from the roof and deposited into underground storage tanks can be filtered and used for laundry and in the toilets. If rain collection is illegal in your area, there are greywater toilet-sink combos that direct water from the sink’s drain for flushing.

Frequent Houzz Contributor Laura Gaskill states that “with the thoughtful use of energy-efficient architecture and systems even a large home can end up more efficient than a traditionally built home of the same (or even smaller) size”! If you want to lower your energy bills and reduce your footprint, get in touch with the green building experts at KBC Remodeling Services to guide your whole home remodel in Boulder.