With 2023 quickly coming to an end, homeowners planning a residential remodel should be considering the top remodel trends for 2024. While there’s no need to renovate your home each year, current trends can help inspire you and provide insight into past and present remodeling ideas.

Outdoor Living Rooms

Outdoor living spaces have been a popular remodeling trend in recent years, and by all accounts, continue to be at the top of the list for home remodeling projects. Transforming patios and decks into a space where the indoors transition to the outdoors provides a beautiful area for gatherings or simply relaxing.

Sustainable Upgrades

Another trend we’ve seen for 2024, and the past few years, is eco-friendly remodeling. Sustainable and recycled materials are incorporated into home remodels, as more homeowners have become eco-conscious. Upgrading appliances with energy efficient furnaces and tankless water heaters is another way to make eco-friendly improvements.

Renovating to Sell

Homeowners who are selling their homes plan remodels designed to attract potential buyers. Kitchen remodels, smart home features, and outdoor renovations are popular remodeling choices, especially when it comes to adding value.


With active families, especially here in Colorado, the mudroom has become a “must” in home remodeling. Renovating the laundry room to include a utility sink, built-in cabinets, and seating can make the space more practical and functional.

Multifunctional Spaces

Multi-purpose spaces have become increasingly popular, especially in homes with limited square footage. Consider converting the open space under the stairs to include built-ins for added storage. Or maybe a home office that includes a Murphy bed. Whatever the need, multifunctional spaces continue to trend in home remodels.

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