If the spacious home you moved into is now starting to feel like it’s busting at the seams, it may be time to consider a room addition. Whether your family is growing or your needs have evolved, KBC Remodel Services in Longmont can create a beautiful solution to your square footage problem.

5 Reasons for a Home Addition:

  1. Add square footage. If your family is expanding with a new baby, growing kids that need more space or an elderly parent moving in, adding more room to accommodate this growth will make everyone more comfortable. Regardless of whether another room is needed, a whole suite or just a bigger family room, the increase in functional space will improve the practicality of your house and allow you to continue to enjoy living in the home that you’ve worked to create.Home Addition Longmont
  2. Better alternative than moving. Besides being less expensive and taking less time, a major benefit to choosing an addition over moving is staying in the community where you’ve put down roots. Especially if you have children, the stability of a good neighborhood and school are compelling reasons to remodel versus move. Besides avoiding the hassle of moving, your new space will be ready to enjoy in as little as six weeks!
  3. Add value to your home. According to a report by the National Association of Realtors, for every 1,000 square feet you add, your home value increases about 3%. Whether building another bedroom or increasing the size of your kitchen, a home addition can be one of the most rewarding ways to make a return on your investment.
  4. Increase natural light. Colorado is known for blue skies year round, and a sunroom would maximize your enjoyment of those sunny days. Another perk of sunrooms is that they generally cost less than other room additions.
  5. Customize to fit your needs. Maybe you’ve decided to work from home or have taken up a new hobby or want to entertain more now that the kids have moved out; all these changes are ideal times to consider a room addition. Being part of the design process ensures that you’ll get the exact space you want in the home you love. The home office, art studio or kitchen of your dreams are visions that we at KBC Remodel Services can make a reality!  We are your full service general contractor that can make your home addition needs a reality.  Click here to read more about our specialized services.