tile trends remodel LongmontThe tile options on the market these days are endless. Houzz contributor, Gabrielle Chariton, states that tile’s “latest trends, driven in part by new manufacturing methods and printing technologies, are opening up a whole new world of covetable looks.” If you are curious how current tile trends can enhance your home remodel, the expert designers at KBC Remodeling Services in Longmont would be thrilled to work on your project!

Top 2017 Tile Trends for a Home Remodel

  1. Shape is the Main Attraction– Whether choosing tile for the kitchen backsplash or bathroom floor, shape is the stylistic attribute to highlight. From square to fish-scale, rectangle to rhomboid and hexagonal to wavy, you’re sure to find a shape to love!
  2. Creative Layouts– Designers are drawing even more attention to a tile’s shape by laying it in unique patterns, such as vertical stacking, diagnol, herringbone and chevron layouts. Using a high contrast grout will make an even bolder statement.
  3. Alluring Textures– When you want the durability of tile but not the accompanying visual hardness, a textured tile is the perfect solution. One of the newest textural trends are fabric-imitation tiles that create the illusion of soft linen, tweed or even lace!
  4. 3D Standouts– From geometric patterns for contemporary styles to organic curves for a natural aesthetic, there is an embossed tile to add drama to any space. Choose a wall where the changing light will showcase the depth of the 3D tile, and limit the surrounding surfaces to simpler finishes.
  5. Large-format Featured– Advances in technology have made gigantic, thin yet strong porcelain tiles possible in realistic wood and stone finishes. Since hardly any grouting is required, these tiles create a seamless appearance especially suitable for bathroom walls or kitchen islands.

And if you are drawn to multiple types of tiles, there is no rule saying you can’t mix and match different styles! Varying sizes and finishes can actually help define different zones and unexpected combinations always add interest! Current tile trends can enhance any home remodel and the KBC Remodeling Services team has the creativity and skills to execute any idea and create a visually stunning space!