Eco Friendly Remodeling Contractor LongmontRemodeling can be a wasteful process, but with a thoughtful approach your renovation can create less waste and use less energy than building new. As an experienced eco friendly remodeling contractor, KBC Remodeling Services in Longmont has the knowledge and resources to create a project that is environmentally- and budget-conscious.

Top 5 Tips from an Eco Friendly Remodeling Contractor

  1. Consider Scale- A home with less square footage will cost less to maintain, and if well-designed, chances are you will relish your smaller space. It is always greener to work within your home’s existing footprint than to build a large addition.
  2. Be Mindful of Light & Heat- Taking time to plan how to bring the sun into the rooms where you want it, and also how to keep it out in areas you don’t, is a wise way to take advantage of free light and heat. Solar panels are a long-term investment while solar tubes and reflective roof coatings pay off faster.
  1. Pay Attention to Air Quality- Improving the air you breathe indoors is a top priority for green remodeling and there are many products that strive to reduce off-gassing. Choose building materials that do not contain formaldehyde and have low or no-VOC (volatile organic compounds). Also make sure to install a good exhaust fan in the kitchen to reduce carcinogens and in bathrooms to prevent mold growth.
  1. Choose Reclaimed or Renewable Building Materials- KBC Remodeling Services offers a vast selection of green building materials, has sources for unique salvaged materials and partners with local businesses for top-quality stock that isn’t shipped from across the globe.
  2. Recycle the Waste- Did you know that about 1/3 of all residential and commercial waste is produced by demolition and construction? The good news is that most of it can be recycled by re-purposing it on site, donating it or recycling it through a construction waste management company (which most often doesn’t add to the cost).

KBC Remodeling Services in Longmont takes pride in being an eco friendly remodeling contractor– we would love to work with you on a green remodel to make something beautiful that lasts!