basement remodel LongmontAn unfinished basement is prime real estate just going to waste. Michelle Gage of Houzz says, “Whether you want to make it a family-friendly hangout or a sophisticated space for adults, there’s a range of possibilities in creating an underground gem.” Below are some suggestions for a successful basement remodel that the professional team at KBC Remodeling Services of Longmont can create for a space that you will truly use and enjoy.

5 Tips for a Basement Remodel You’ll Love

  1. Make it Light & Bright– Nothing discourages time spent in a place than it being dark and dreary. Make your basement bright by installing lights in the ceiling, painting in a light shade and, whenever possible, adding a window well to let natural sunlight in!
  2. Make it Comfty & Cozy– Basement remodels tend to skimp on the decorating but these finishing details are what make all the difference between a space that is truly inviting versus just extra square feet. Add a soft rug and pillows, hang art and consider adding a fireplace to bring in an extra layer of warmth and light.
  3. Make it Multiuse– When your basement needs to serve several needs, such as a guest suite, laundry room and family area, then distinguishing zones while maintaining overall cohesion is key. And when crafts or hobbies will be done in the basement, custom built-ins for storage will help keep you organized and supplies out of sight when not in use.
  4. Make it Fun– A multi-player game will encourage people to hang out for longer periods of time, so try to find a spot for a ping pong, foosball or pool table!
  5. Make it Themed– The distinct separation between floors makes this subterranean space the perfect place to run with a theme. Along the same line, a basement is a great location to display a collection or souvenirs as well!

If you’re ready to turn your cold, cement junk collector into a warm, inviting space, contact the experienced designers and contractors of KBC Remodeling Services in Longmont to get started on a beautiful basement remodel!