When it comes to kitchen remodeling, the possibilities are endless, and while some trends of the past have come and gone, the exciting remodeling and design ideas we’re seeing in 2020 are here to stay! From sleek cabinetry with contrasting countertops, to custom islands with multipurpose functionality, these trending styles can transform a kitchen and please any homeowner for years to come.

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With so many things to consider when planning a kitchen renovation, it’s important to remember that the kitchen is the ‘hub’ of the home. It’s where we work, cook, eat, gather, study, and make memories. Not only is a kitchen remodel a financial investment, it’s a lifestyle investment, so creating a space that is accommodating and appealing while offering the functionality you would expect in a kitchen is ideal, and today’s kitchen designs are sure to exceed your expectations.

Top 10 Trends for Kitchens in 2020

  1. Kitchen Island Options:  Kitchen islands have come a long way in design and function. From single level and double islands, to gravity-defying architecturally designed islands, not only can these functional additions add extra seating, storage, and workspace, they can truly make a bold statement in the kitchen.
  2. Slab and Tile Backsplash:  Large tiles and slabbed backsplashes are in! The materials and patterns available are bountiful, and with more upper cabinets coming down, covering the walls with decorative copper, glass, quartz, or wood has become all the rage.
  3. Custom Storage:  Wasted space is common in the kitchen, so creating cabinets that house appliances, roll outs for waste baskets, larder cupboards, and drawer dividers for utensils are just a few of the ways to make the most out of storage in the kitchen.
  4. Countertops that Contrast:  For added warmth or sophistication, consider contrasting cabinets and countertops. With dark or black cabinets, opt for a marble or granite in a lighter hue, and vice versa. This dramatic effect will add timeless beauty for years to come.
  5. Sleek and Hands-Free Cabinets:  If a clean, streamlined look is your style, then choosing a hands-free cabinet is the way to go. Recessed handles or push open/close technology on today’s cabinets provide a simple, yet sleek design.
  6. Sustainable Materials:  Eco friendly and upcycled materials are becoming trendier and are readily available for the environmentally friendly consumer looking to remodel their kitchen.
  7. Mixed Metals:  Metal in the kitchen adds style and character. Whether lighting, hardware, plumbing fixtures, seating, or oven hoods, when you mix up the finish and texture of metal it can add a unique elegance to the space.
  8. Warm Woods:  Adding warm woods, such as Walnut cabinetry, has become an extremely popular choice in kitchen renovations. Wood cabinets and surfaces can balance out or enhance any space and the timeless beauty of wood makes it a superior option.
  9. Pop Some Color:  Sure, everyone has their favorite color, and there’s nothing wrong with adding that color to your kitchen. While neutral tones, such as greys, are a great choice for the walls, incorporating cabinets, hutches, or even appliances with your favorite hue is a great way to liven up the kitchen.
  10. Stylish Stones:  With marble making a comeback and quartz still an overall favorite, you can’t go wrong with either material. From backsplashes to countertops, these stylish stones are made to last and are a great choice for 2020.
Modern and eco-friendly, this kitchen uses Energy Star Miele appliances and Kerlite sustainable Italian tile.

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