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When we talk about renovation projects vs. remodel projects in Denver, you might not think that there is any difference between the two. Well, surprisingly there are! While renovating and remodeling are used interchangeably when referring to residential and commercial improvements, they do have very different meanings and, most importantly, price tags.

At KBC Remodeling Services, we understand the sentiment when our Denver area customers discuss their home or business updating goals, regardless of which term they use. As a general contractor, we feel that anyone wanting to improve a space should know the difference between the two projects. This will ensure that adequate planning and budgeting are achieved.

The Difference Between Renovations and Remodels


To put it simply, a renovation is an update to a room or area. Renovations are typically smaller in scope than remodels, and they don’t usually require a permit. Renovating a space won’t change the layout, but it will improve the overall space. Renovations are less expensive than remodels, yet they can add value to the property.

Some examples of renovating include refacing cabinets, installing new windows, replacing hardware and fixtures, installing new flooring, or painting walls and surfaces. Structural repairs and rebuilds, like replacing damaged drywall or fixing a creaky floor, can also be considered a renovation.


Remodels are large-scale projects that change the layout or structure of a home or building. Remodeling requires a larger crew than needed for a renovation, and these projects generally require a permit. Remodels are more expensive than renovations due to the scope of work, materials, and complexities involved with such projects.

Remodeling projects, such as a home addition, removing walls, reconfiguring a kitchen, adding a bathroom, and refinishing a basement are just a few examples of common remodels.

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