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With another school year fast approaching, many parents will soon see their kids off to college, leaving them with an extra bedroom, or two. Ah, the possibilities! If you live in Denver and find yourself wondering what to do with all that extra space, consider these remodeling ideas for “empty nesters”.

While the thought of being an “empty nester” can be bittersweet, it can also be exciting for homeowners who have already decided what they have planned for their newly acquired space. If you have an extra bedroom, or even a basement that will no longer be occupied, there are several ways to renovate that extra square footage, and the team at KBC Remodeling Services can help.

KBC Remodeling Services is a full-service contracting company providing professional residential remodels for clients in Denver and the surrounding areas. We are fully licensed and insured and our remodeling contractors complete every remodel to the highest level of standards.

Ready to plan a remodel in Denver? Here are some great remodeling ideas for “empty nesters”:

A Multipurpose Room

Whether an empty basement or one spare bedroom, either has the potential to become a multifunctional space. It’s likely a basement will provide more square footage than a bedroom, but both can be renovated to offer the amenities you’re looking for in a remodel.

Let’s say you have always wanted a home office, but you want to have a place for visitors, as well. You only have a spare bedroom to work with, but the good news is, it can be remodeled to offer both. For example, incorporating compact bed solutions, such as a Murphy Bed, loft, or raised floor with a slide out bed, along with built-in shelving and a desk can provide a multi-purpose room to accommodate your needs.

Whatever your goals for a multifunctional space, the possibilities are endless. The design team at KBC Remodeling Services can work with you to understand your vision and create the perfect design for your project.

Master Bedroom and/or Bathroom

For “empty nesters” who have long dreamed of a master bedroom and/or bath, you can easily turn your dreams into reality. Consider knocking out the wall of adjoining rooms to create a master suite with a spa-like oasis. Include built-in shelves in the master closet with a dressing area, or a new fireplace situated between your bed and soaking tub. Whatever the vision, KBC Remodeling Services can make it happen.

Home Office

Home offices have been a popular remodeling project since the pandemic. The ideal workspace should include functionality, comfort, and privacy, especially if clients visit. Custom shelving and cabinets are important for organization and storage. The lighting design and/or natural lighting can make all the difference in productivity. And finally, if your remodel allows for a separate entrance, that can be ideal for homeowners who meet with clients throughout their workday.

Art Studio

Whether a hobby or profession, artists love having a place where they can find inspiration and bring their creations to life. The convenience of an art studio at home can be any artist’s dream, but space might be tight, until now. If you are an “empty nester” and artist, renovating the spare bedroom with custom cabinetry and built-ins for storing art supplies, new flooring, and fresh paint can create an art studio that makes creativity flow, all within the comfort of your home.

Yoga and Pilates Studio

With Yoga and Pilates all the rage, consider turning the spare bedroom into a yoga/Pilates studio. Imagine practicing your love of these exercises in the privacy of your own home. And if your space and budget allow for it, enhance the studio by adding a large window to incorporate the scenery and natural light from outdoors. Renovate the room to include fresh paint in a tranquil hue and storage for all the yoga and Pilates supplies and you’ll have your own private studio to enjoy.


Whether reading for work or for pleasure, it’s always nice to have a place to read without distractions.  It’s even better to have a place where you can keep your books organized and safe. Turning your spare bedroom into a library might be a good investment for the avid reader and book collector. Envision the spare room with beautiful custom shelves, a reading nook, and cozy fireplace.

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Whatever your plans to remodel a spare bedroom or basement in Denver, KBC Remodeling Services has an experienced team who can make it all happen. Our all-inclusive services are designed to ensure all your remodel needs are handled by one company, eliminating the need to juggle multiple contractors and vendors.

Our residential contractors are skilled in all facets of home remodels and renovations. We provide quality services and superior workmanship on every project, regardless of scope. When it comes to trusted residential remodeling services in Denver, KBC Remodeling delivers!

If you’re ready to remodel your spare bedroom or basement in Denver, contact KBC Remodeling Services for a free estimate today. We lead the way in fair price remodeling and provide superior workmanship you’ll love!