Spring time is practically synonymous with “Home Selling Season”.  Whether you plan to jump into the lively Longmont real estate market this year or not, sprucing up your home for curb appeal is always a good idea.  And if you ARE planning to list your home, get noticed over all others by before anyone ever even sets foot in your home.   KBC Remodeling Services , based in Longmont, Colorado is here to offer you some tips for remodeling for curb appeal.

remodeling longmontNow, adding curb appeal to your home doesn’t bring in the same return as, say, an updated kitchen, or a bathroom remodel will.  But that doesn’t mean it’s entirely wasted money either.  Houses that look great from the exterior will warrant a higher price tag and they certainly will sell much more quickly than the run-down neighbor’s house will.

Adding Curb Appeal to Your Home

Let’s start at the top.  Your roof should look solid.  No missing or warped shingles, drooping gutters, or visible hail damage.  It’s best to have someone get up there and do roof maintenance and repairs before listing you home.  The state of a roof and very easily make or break the sale of a home.

Wash your house!  A dirty exterior leads buyers to believe the interior of the home is just as neglected.  This includes your windows .  We’ve heard over and over “we had no idea how dirty our windows were…until we cleaned them!” from homeowners.  Clean windows bring much needed light into a home as well as looking sharp from the curb.

After a good washing you can take a good, hard look at the siding and trim.  Do they need a fresh coat of paint?  I’m sure you’ve heard how important staging a home can be when listing it for sale—minimal clutter, fresh neutral pain throughout.  Well, fresh paint on the exterior is just as important.  Old, faded, or chipping paint?  Time for a new paint job.   Freshly painted trim alone can add that pop you’re looking for.

Spiff up that landscaping.  Keep the lawn nicely manicured. Edging can really give the yard a polished and cared for look. Trim overgrown trees, shrubs, bushes. Keep unsightly weeds away.  Add visual interest with a pop of color with flowers and shrubs.

Need a bit more?  How about a new front door, porch, entryway, shutters?

This list may seem overwhelming to some.  Others might enjoy taking on the project, or maybe just parts of the project.  Either way, we want you to know that KBC Remodeling can help with ALL of the curb appeal home improvements you want or need to make.

We can take your property and make it shine.

KBC Remodeling Services offers House Maintenance and Repair:

  • General House Maintenance & Repair: Roof repairs, minor siding repair, porch, entryway
  • Home Exteriors: Gutter Repair & Cleaning, Deck Sealing & Repair, Door Installation, Fence Installation and Repair, Painting Touch Ups
  • Seasonal Maintenance: Insulation & Weather Stripping, Check/Install Smoke Detectors and CO Detectors, Sprinkler Maintenance/Repair

And don’t forget that we, of course, offer full service remodeling for the interior of your home as well.  We are a full service general contractor that can get your home in tip-top shape. So if you are looking to sell your home this season or are just looking to have the best house on the block, we are the remodeling company for you.  Call KBC Remodeling Services today!