recessed lighting longmontIn a recent Houzz article, expert lighting designer David Warfel states, “[recessed downlights] are great for adding drama or lighting countertops, but they can also create overly dark interiors and even blinding glare.” No matter what room of the house you are planning to remodel, recessed lighting is often a great choice somewhere in the design and the experts at KBC Remodeling Services in Longmont know exactly where and how to utilize this lighting feature.

3 Pros & 3 Potential Cons of Recessed Lighting in Your Remodel

  • Dramatic Light: If you want to draw attention to a piece of artwork or architectural detail, nothing compares to the spotlight recessed lights are capable of producing.
  • Pushed Light: When you need to illuminate a specific task area, such as a countertop or reading chair, recessed downlights achieve this goal better than ambient lights do. Lights such as pendants and lamps are not great where focused light is needed because the beams produced are more widespread- the narrower the beam, the stronger it will shine.
  • Hidden Light: The major appeal of recessed lighting is that it does not draw attention to itself, allowing the focus to be placed on other elements of design. So if you desire a streamlined ceiling, recessed lighting is the solution- especially since they now come in 2 to 3” cans versus the old 6” units.
  • Cave Effect: Unless you are creating a home theater, be careful that relying too heavily on recessed lighting will cause a “cave effect” where the walls are left in the dark.
  • Glare Bombs: Some new LED fixtures are only recessed one quarter inch, which makes the protruding lens an eyesore. If recessed lights are not deep enough, they can lead to eyestrain and even headaches in places where we spend a lot of time.
  • Energy Exits: Since recessed lighting is installed in ceilings, there is potential for energy loss in the resulting pockets where heat can escape in the winter and enter in the summer. However, many manufacturers address this concern with fixtures that are air-sealed or have insulation.

Whether to create drama, focused light or just a welcoming and bright space, the lighting design experts at KBC Remodeling Services in Longmont know exactly where and how to use recessed lighting in your remodel!