So you’ve finally made the big decision to remodel your kitchen, or your bathroom.  Maybe you’ve decided to finish your basement. Creating a new outdoor living space? You’re taking the plunge.  That’s half the battle.  Whether you’ve decided to freshen up the space or do a complete remodeling project, you’ll need a little guidance to get (and keep) you on the right track.

Before you launch into demolition, as fun as that can be, let’s start by discussing the importance of picking a remodeling contractor.  Picking the best Longmont remodeling contractor can set the stage for a successful project.  KBC Remodeling Services offers complete remodeling project management–from concept to completion through the final construction cleanup, with a single point of contact for you.

Remodeling Contractors in LongmontFirst, have a general idea about what you actually want. You cannot get accurate quotes and compare one bid to another if you don’t have a basic framework of what you want. A contractor needs to know what they are bidding on in order to get you an accurate quote.   A sure idea of budget (keeping in mind a contingency plan for the unexpected) always helps.

Narrow your choices.  Do a few phone interviews if necessary.  Personally meet with your top choices.  It’s crucial that you two communicate well because this person will be in your home for hours at a time. Do they have local remodeling experience so they can efficiently work through all necessary permitting and local building code requirements? Ask them to verify licenses and insurance.

Get references.  Very happy customers are usually willing to offer up references or testimonials for a job well done.  A good contractor will have plenty.  And a good photo is worth a thousand words.  Check out our gallery to get a good idea of just exactly what we are capable of.  We take pride in our work!

Sign a contract that you have thoroughly read and agree to.  Make sure it includes all the relevant details like deadlines, payments, specific materials used if applicable.  Any changes you, or your remodeling contractor, agree upon should generate a written change order.  Please remember that no contractor has x-ray vision or a crystal ball to tell them exactly how your particular remodeling project will go.  There will most likely be surprises regardless of how carefully you plan.

There is a big difference between basic construction and full service construction management.  KBC Remodeling Services in Longmont is your full service remodeling contractor.  Give us a call and start your remodeling project today.  (303) 682-1777