mudroom LongmontThe mudroom is definitely the workhorse of the home. Designer Shelly Lindstrom told Houzz that since a mudroom “[has] a high level of traffic.., you want to make sure there’s good flow. It should be easy to enter and exit.., without causing everyone to shuffle around.” In addition to ensuring an ideal layout, the designers and contractors at KBC Remodeling Services of Longmont will create a mudroom that will add functionality, beauty and organization to your house and family!

5 Factors for a Marvelous Mudroom

  • Flooring: Whatever material is used needs to be durable and provide some grip. These two factors are critical since mudroom floors are guaranteed to get dirty and slippery often. Popular choices are natural stone, such as slate, porcelain tiles and Marmoluem.
  • Storage: For those who prefer to keep clutter out of sight and therefore out of mind, closets and cabinets make the most sense. Others, especially those with children, need more open and accessible storage such as cubbies with niches on the top for less-used gear and on the bottom for shoes, and hooks on the wall for jackets and backpacks or bags.
  • Finishes: Depending on your preference, choose a dark finish to hide dirt or lighter color to show you when an area needs cleaning. Wood left in its natural finish wears well and beadboard painted in a semigloss finish is easy to wipe down.
  • Function: If the space allows for additional uses besides gear and clothing storage, the laundry room, a powder room, a dog shower, or even a crafting area would integrate well with a mudroom.
  • Cost: The cost varies greatly, depending on several factors such as the amount of custom cabinetry and whether it is an addition or remodeling project. If renovating an existing space, the cost will be at least half of adding on a mudroom. Sometimes mudrooms are incorporated into kitchen renovations as well.

KBC Remodeling Services in Longmont understands the importance of having a well-designed drop zone to keep your home and life organized- count on us to create a functional and beautiful mudroom!