Fireplace remodel LongmontNow that there is a crisp in the air most days and winter is around the corner, homeowners may be thinking about adding a fireplace or updating an existing hearth. There are few features that bring as much coziness or make a room feel more welcoming than a fireplace. Houzz contributor, Shane Inman, points out that the mantel, “As the focal draw of every fireplace, should be worthy of displaying your most cherished items.”  The team at KBC Remodeling Services in Longmont can design and install a fireplace that will bring warmth and style to your home all winter long.

Mantel Materials for Fireplace Remodel

  1. Wood– This natural material is so popular because it works with any type of style: either a log straight from the forest or rough-hewn railroad tie for rustic interiors, a refined plank for retro or modern aesthetics, or an ornately carved piece for more traditional tastes.
  2. Stone– As another material with a lot of versatility, many homeowners are choosing stone to update older brick fireplaces. Limestone comes in a wide variety of colors and textures, and suits many contemporary environments. Marble is best used as a focal point due to the eye-catching veins. Cast stone works well for traditionally decorated homes and is made in many profiles.
  3. Stucco– Best used when you want the mantel to blend in, stucco highlights texture rather than color or form.
  4. Tile– If covering an existing mantel, tile is the best-suited and most diverse material to work with for a cost-conscious remodel.
  5. Metal– A metal mantel is not for everyone but a copper or stainless steel mantel will definitely command attention and can help break up a vast expanse of another material.

Before deciding on the material, you may also want to consider the form and function of your fireplace. Double and even triple-sided fireplaces provide the benefit of warming two different rooms. In open-concept layouts, multi-sided fireplaces also help define separate spaces without blocking too much light. Whether you would just like to refresh your mantel or build a whole new fireplace, KBC Remodeling Services of Longmont will return the hearth to the heart of your home.