The multi-generational household has become increasingly popular, and for many folks, necessary. Due to longer lifespans and the rising costs of assisted living facilities, it’s becoming more and more common for aging parents or in-laws to move in with their children. While most of us would be more than happy to accommodate our parents when the time comes, our home might not be as welcoming in regard to the required space or amenities needed to house extra family members. KBC Remodeling Services of Boulder is a full-service construction company with a team of skilled general contractors who can transform any area into the ideal in-law suite.

Options for Adding an In-Law Suite:

  • Transform the Garage: The garage can be a cost-effective way to add an in-law suite since the foundation already exists. Once insulation, walls, and flooring are installed, consider amenities such as a kitchenette and bathroom to make the space feel more like a home.
  • Finish the Basement: The basement offers a lot of potential when it comes to the multi-generational household. An experienced basement finishing contractor can offer sound advice and solutions to turning that unfinished area of your home into the ideal in-law suite. Depending on the size of the basement, the finished product can become a home within a home.
  • Combining Unused Rooms: If your home has two spare rooms that can be converted into one master suite, go for it! A house that offers two master suites can be quite desirable, especially for those who need to accommodate aging family members.
  • The Home Addition: A home addition is a great way to add a custom in-law suite. While this built-on space can offer the right amount of privacy, it also allows for inclusion. A home addition can be the ideal solution when extra living space is needed.

KBC Remodeling Services has been providing quality construction and remodeling in Boulder and throughout Boulder County for over thirty years. Our team of design experts and licensed contractors can take your vision and turn it into a reality. If you need your space turned into an in-law suite, or have any remodeling projects, call KBC Remodeling Services today!