KBC Remodeling Services is, as our name suggests, primarily a remodeling company.  This means that when we do a remodeling project we are regularly working on homes that are occupied.  Clients and their families are doing their best to live with and work around construction in their homes. Construction is inherently a very messy business.  Here are a few tips on how to keep your home clean during remodeling construction.

  • A good general contractor will use plastic curtains around the perimeter of the work area as well as some sort of heavy duty covering for any flooring that will have heavy traffic during the project.
  • Plastic is key. The more you add, the more you cover with plastic, the easier the cleanup.  Walk through your home paying careful attention to the areas adjacent to the work areas and cover  everything you can.  Notice that items that are much harder to clean in general will be an even bigger problem with dust cleanup post project.  Pastic!  Cover, and cover again.
  • Remove breakable, easily damaged, or harder to clean items to another area of the home, box up and store elsewhere irreplaceable items.
  • Remove and carefully store any wall hangings as well. Remodeling construction can cause the walls and floors to shake and vibrate.  This can loosen and sometimes knock artwork right off the walls.
  • Air flowing through the house can carry a fine dust. Open windows and doors closest to the work to encourage dust and fine particles to flow out. This is better accomplished with fans facing out the opening, sort of as a way to direct the dust outside.  Don’t forget your ventilation system!  Air ducts become dust disseminators if you’re not careful.  Again, your remodeling contractor should have the vents in their work areas covered but our recommendation is to cover ALL vents and ductwork openings.  This can prove difficult living in Colorado—sometimes it’s just too cold or too hot to live without central air! But if it’s possible and the weather permits, leave the ventilation off.

Due diligence on the part of both you and your general contractor can make the entire remodeling project that much easier to bear and that much easier to clean up.  In no time you’ll be enjoying your new living space.  KBC Remodeling Services in Longmont takes pride in our work.  We want to make sure that our client’s property is treated with the utmost respect while we are in your home. We value our customers and intend to leave each and every one of them happy at the project close.  This includes proper dust and debris mitigation and final clean up.

We are a fully licensed, insured, and highly experienced remodeling general contractor serving Longmont and surrounding areas.  Give us a call for an estimate on your next remodeling project.