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Partnering with a good contractor for a residential or commercial remodel is priority one. With so many general contractors in the Denver Metro area, it can be a difficult process choosing the right contractor for your next renovation project. The first step to hiring a good contractor is knowing how to spot a bad contractor.

At KBC Remodeling Services, we want your remodeling project to be a success. So, before you hire a local contractor in Denver, learn what sets apart the good contractors from the bad, as outlined below.

Signs of a Bad Contractor

Poor Communication Skills

Communication skills are imperative when working with a contractor, as you will be interacting with him/her throughout your remodel or renovation. You should feel comfortable when talking to the contractor. There should be an open line of communication that is clear and concise. If a contractor seems awkward, is hard to reach, or has a difficult time answering questions, look elsewhere.

Bad Reviews

Reviews are widely available on the internet. Whether Google, The Better Business Bureau, or other online platforms, research general contractors to see what previous clients have to say. A series of bad reviews of any contractor should raise a red flag.

Cheapest Bid

A general rule of thumb is to obtain at least 3 bids for a remodel. If a bid comes in significantly lower than the other quotes, you should be wary. Keep in mind, you get what you pay for.

No License or Insurance

A good contractor will carry the licenses and insurance required by the state in which they operate. When a contractor can’t provide proof that he/she follows the state’s compliances, don’t take the risks of working with them.

Can’t Provide References

A legitimate contractor will be more than happy to provide references for his/her work. If a contractor can’t provide references, or the references ignore your inquiries, this can be a good indication that the contractor isn’t so good.

Avoids Pulling Permits

Most construction jobs require some sort of permit. A professional general contractor will be more than willing to pull the required building permits for the work they perform. When a contractor wants to avoid pulling permits, it’s a bad sign.


Professionalism is an important trait for contractors. If the contractor has an unkept appearance, is late for scheduled meetings, or portrays rudeness or a bad attitude, think twice before working with him/her.

Contract Not Offered

Whether a small bathroom renovation or a complete kitchen remodel, there should always be a contract. If a general contractor doesn’t want to provide a written contract outlining the details of job, which should include materials, time frame, warranties, costs, etc., don’t waste your time.

Big Down Payment Required

It’s very common for contractors to require an upfront payment for their work. A down payment is a way for contractors to secure the job and cover the costs of materials and permits for a remodel or new build. When a contractor wants more than half of the costs of the project up front, you might want to think twice about hiring him/her.

KBC Remodeling Services is Denver’s Trusted Remodel Contractor

General Contractors

If you’re planning a renovation for your Denver area home or business, consider the professional general contractors at KBC Remodeling Service.

KBC Remodeling Services is a full-service contractor providing quality residential and commercial remodeling services in Denver and the surrounding areas. Our company is fully licensed and insured and we have proudly served Northern Colorado for over 30 years. When it comes to custom remodels and renovations, our reputation speaks for itself!

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