remodeling contractor Longmont HomeAdvisor suggests the following list of questions to help homeowners choose a remodeling contractor with confidence, and points out that a contractor who also has a list of questions for you is a good sign that they are invested in fulfilling your exact requests. You can trust your decision to hire KBC Remodeling Services of Longmont as your remodeling contractor because they have the experience to handle any sized project and the established reputation of providing excellent customer service.

10 Questions You Should Ask When Hiring a Remodeling Contractor

  1. How long have you been in business?Companies with years of experience in the industry have had the time to iron out most kinks and have established systems to ensure projects stay on track and on budget.
  2. Can you provide a copy of your contracting license & insurance?Be sure to verify that the contractor has obtained all necessary licenses and/or certifications required by your city, and that they have both workers compensation and liability insurance.
  3. Do you provide a warranty on your service or materials used?Ask what the contractor’s warranty will cover and its duration, and also ask for a copy of the manufacturer’s warranty on any materials purchased.
  4. Will you obtain the necessary permits?A contractor should know exactly what types of permits will be necessary for your project, be willing to pull them for you, and should also be willing to set up the required inspections.
  5. What is your estimated timeline?Clarify if there are any other ongoing projects or potential ones that could affect how long your project takes to complete, and ask for a specific schedule.
  6. What is the payment schedule?A contractor that requests you pay the full cost upfront is a red flag, according to the Better Business Bureau. Instead, expect to pay installments when certain stages are completed.
  7. Will there be a specific team assigned to this job?Be sure to ask who your project manager will be and how they will communicate progress updates, as well as if any subcontractors will be used and how they will be overseen.
  8. How will my property be protected?Discuss what belongings should be moved and how workers will enter and leave your home. A quality contractor makes sure their crew cleans up at the end of everyday by storing tools, removing trash and wiping down dirty surfaces.
  9. How will additional expenses be handled?Specify in the contract that if unexpected costs would go over the agreed-upon budget, the contractor will need to get your approval first.
  10. How will you handle any disagreements?If a contractor can tell you how they handle disputes, it shows that they are concerned about providing full satisfaction to their clients.

When you choose KBC Remodeling Services of Longmont as your remodeling contractor, you can expect transparency and open communication from the initial interview through the final inspection of our high-quality renovations!