It’s easy to overlook the garage, especially if we don’t use it to park the car. Often this valuable space becomes an over sized storage for unwanted items of the home, better known as clutter. While the garage is an important addition of the home, it’s not always created equal, and can often be ignored when it comes to the idea of upgrading or renovating.

Not anymore! It’s 2018 and more and more Colorado homeowners are taking notice of their garages and deciding to turn this once unoriginal area into a stylish, modern extension of their home. KBC Remodeling Services of Longmont has an experienced team of remodeling contractors who can design and transform your garage into a functional and flexible space.

Some Garage Makeover Trends for 2018

  •  The Workshop – Many garages are being designed with functionality in mind. For those who like having a space to work, make repairs, or enjoy hobbies, adding custom cabinetry and built-ins, such as a workbench, are an ideal way to update and utilize your garage.
  • Storage, Storage, Storage – De-cluttering is key when it comes to maximizing any space, especially the garage. Overhead storage racks and slatwall panels are a versatile means to any storage dilemma. Shelves and cabinets can also be a great storage solution.
  • Energy Efficiency – Adding insulation and drywall can greatly affect your home’s energy efficiency and help reduce those bills. Consider adding windows to the garage to bring in natural light and aesthetic appeal.
  • New Floors – Concrete floors be gone! Flooring options for the garage have come a long way. From roll-out vinyl, to interlocking tiles, and even carpet, there are choices to accommodate any style. Polyaspartic coated floors are another option that offers beauty and durability.
  • The Smart Garage – Upgrading the garage to include smart technology is in this year. Incorporating connectivity between the house and garage is another way to stay current with the trends.

If you live in Longmont or Boulder County and want to transform your garage into a space that you can appreciate, call the professionals at KBC Remodeling Services. Their trusted team of remodeling contractors will guide you through the entire renovation process. Call us today!