Home Theater LongmontIf you’re considering a basement remodel, this is the ideal space to build a custom home theater or media room for your family and friends’ entertainment. Building a home entertainment center is a big project that encompasses room design, installation of audio/visual equipment, special lighting and acoustics. KBC Remodeling Services in Longmont can help you plan and install the essential components of a home theater, such as the layout, electronics, fixtures and finishes.

The space should ideally have as few windows and doors as possible, and allow enough room for optimal viewing and comfortable seating. The best distance for viewing is two and a half to three times more than the screen’s diagonal measurement. Built-in cabinetry (woodworking and cabinetry is a specialty of ours!) works well for storing movies as well as keeping electronic components cool with screened or louvered doors. Installing lighting on dimmer switches helps create the atmosphere of the theater experience and adding fabric wall panels enhances that feeling while also helping with acoustics. Choosing soft finishes, such as carpet instead of hardwood floors, aids in preventing echoes as well as creating a cozy and relaxing ambiance.

A home theater system involves at least a large flat screen TV, DVD system and multiple speakers which all need to be carefully planned out for the optimal viewing experience. Five-channel surround sound is recommended and if possible, recessing these five speakers in the walls or ceiling will provide a streamlined look to your space. Most projectors can also be mounted in the ceiling or are small enough to be placed unobtrusively on a table or tucked into a cabinet. Also consider that projection screens will deliver a more professional image and are available in almost every size and price range.

If the space permits, other nice touches are adding a bar for convenient access to drinks and snacks, and building a platform for raised seating in the back of the room. Buying all the latest electronics is not necessary for creating a quality media room, but hiring a professional remodeling contractor to ensure the best design and installation is! Let KBC Remodeling Services execute your vision of a custom home theater so you can sit back and enjoy the show!