Renovating a home can be exciting, yet stressful, especially if the project isn’t properly planned. Creating a home renovation planning checklist for your next residential remodel in Denver can make all the difference when it comes to alleviating stress and seeing a positive outcome.

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At KBC Remodeling, we want your home remodel to be a success, so be sure to follow these steps when planning your next project and give us a call because we are happy to assist you with the process.

Checklist for Planning Your Home Remodel

Set Renovation Goals

It’s likely that something has inspired you to renovate your space. Keep notes of ideas, inspirations, and other motivating factors for remodeling your home. Write down the changes you would like to see, along with your main goal for the reno.

Determine Your Budget

Budget is key when it comes to planning your renovation. Determine what you can afford to invest in your project and plan for unforeseen issues that could arise. Let your contractor know what you have allotted for the project so that they can assist you with devising a plan that aligns with your budgetary needs.

Categorize Need vs. Want

You’re planning your home renovation to include certain aspects that are a “must”. For example, you know that you need to finish the basement to include a bathroom, but would like to add custom built-ins for aesthetics, or a modern bar for entertaining. You need the additional space that a basement finish would provide, but your budget might not allow for the “extras”.

Recognizing what must be done to achieve your renovation goals vs. what you would like to have will help you feel better about the project once it’s completed. If your budget allots for “extras”, prioritize the list, and have your contractor determine what your budget will allow.

Request Estimates

A good rule of thumb is to research contracting companies in your area and request 3 bids from your preferred selection. Keep in mind that the bids should be fairly comparable. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and confirm that the bids include all aspects of the remodel. Again, you don’t want any surprises.

Choose Your Contractor

Once you receive the bids, choosing the right contractor to complete your project is the next step. Partnering with a local contractor that is reputable and experienced is always your best bet. You should also feel comfortable with the contractor, as you could be working with them for a considerable amount of time, based on the scope of your renovation. Be sure to check references, ask for referrals, and make sure the contractor is fully licensed and insured.

In Denver, KBC Remodeling Services has provided successful residential remodels for satisfied clients for over 35 years. We are a full-service contractor that handles every aspect of your renovation. From conception to clean-up and everything in between, we are your one-stop-shop for quality residential remodels and renovations. We offer free estimates and provide quality workmanship with meeting or exceeding all expectations our top priority.


Knowing how and when you can talk with your contractor is very important. There should be an open line of communication with the contractor/s in case questions or concerns arise. A good contractor will give you a direct line of communication and be glad to talk with you anytime about your project.


Review the contract and discuss payment plans and methods. Make sure to cover every base before signing the contractor. Transparency is key before signing the dotted line.

Update Homeowner’s Insurance

Make certain your homeowner’s policy is up to date provides adequate coverage. Although unlikely, accidents can happen.

Living Arrangements

Depending on your remodel, you may need to make temporary living arrangements to accommodate the workings of the project. For example, if a kitchen remodel is planned, decide where you might store and prepare meals. Or, if you’re remodeling your main bathroom, you might need to figure out where you will shower. You get the idea.

Prep the Home

Residential remodels can get messy, especially if walls are being removed, etc. Make sure all your valuables are protected, cover furniture and shelves, and take any other precautions before your project begins.

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Now that you have planned and prepped for your home renovation in Denver, let KBC Remodeling Services do the rest!

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