Historic buildings in Boulder are representative of the culture and history that make the city what it is today. As with anything, historic structures can become worn and run down over time, especially if they aren’t maintained. Remodeling historic buildings doesn’t come without its challenges yet preserving them and bringing new life to them can be quite rewarding.

When considering a historic building remodel, it’s best to have a clear goal in mind and to identify the components of the structure that can be remodeled while preserving the features or characteristics that are significant to the historical aspect of the structure. Bringing new life to the building to enrich the community is often a common goal when remodeling a historic building, along with upgrading certain elements that make it safer and more accessible. In doing so, it’s important to try to maintain the original features of the architecture.

Choosing a contractor that has the expertise in historical building remodels and renovations who understands the importance of maintaining the integrity of the structure is the best way to ensure that the project will be a success. An experienced contractor will take the time to assess the property and take note of every detail. They will respect the original features of the structure and be able to adequately repair or replace damaged components with materials that depict the originality of the building. A reputable historic building contractor will also hold the licenses and insurance needed to take on historic remodels and renovations.

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If you live in Boulder, CO or the surrounding areas and have a historic building remodel planned, call the professionals at KBC Remodel Services today for a consultation.