Custom Closet LongmontEveryone dreams of an organized custom closet, and the design professionals at KBC Remodeling Services of Longmont can make that dream a reality with custom cabinetry!

5 Tips for Designing Your Custom Master Closet

(adapted from the 3/18/16 Houzz article by Sam Ferris)

  1. Decide on Double vs. Single-Hang Sections: Take a look at your wardrobe and count how many long garments you actually own. Dresses and long coats are the only articles of clothing that typically require a single-hang section. More double-hang sections will maximize your space and are appropriate for shirts, pants and skirts. 
  2. Measure to Make It All Fit: Closet panel depths range from 14 to 24 inches, so be aware that your hangers may protrude if the panels are narrow.  Here are some other average measurements to guide you:
  • Skirts usually need 45” of space to hang/ pants only about 25” if folded over
  • Coats need about 68” of vertical room
  • Folded shirts/sweaters require up to 15” of horizontal space
  • Shoes measure from 6-10” wide, and knee-high boots can be up to 18” tall
  1. Plan Room for Accessories: Look for shallow wall space for belt and tie racks, and you may also want longer racks for purses. Keeping your jewelry in a drawer in the closet makes it convenient to coordinate with your outfit.
  2. Find Space for a Bench: Again, having somewhere to sit when dressing is a nice convenience. Getting a bench with a drawer adds storage and is a good place for socks or hoisery. And if your closet has a window, this is the ideal spot to add a bench.
  3. Consider Adding an Island: Having an island gives a closet the benefit of more horizontal surface, and allows for more drawers. Keep in mind, the minimum amount of walkway around the island is 24”, and 36” is ideal.

If you’re tired of feeling stressed when dressing or can’t find clothes among the chaos, KBC Remodeling Services of Longmont can design and install a closet organizer with custom cabinetry for the walk-in master closet of your dreams!