While Spring and Summer might seem like the ideal time to start home remodeling projects, Fall is actually the prime season to get those home and business renovation projects underway, especially in Northern Colorado. With beautiful weather and cooler temperatures, remodeling in the Fall definitely has its advantages.

If you’re thinking about putting off your home remodeling or renovation plans until next Spring, you might want to reconsider. Fall is a great time to put those remodeling plans into action, and here’s why:

Cooler Weather

Fall in Colorado brings cool weather, making working conditions ideal for the contractor and homeowner. Since there’s no need to run the air conditioner this time of year, windows and doors can be left open without the worry of wasted energy and increased utility bills. Not to mention, adhesives and paints set much better in cooler temps, so it’s a win-win for everyone.


A majority of remodeling contractors perform their services in the Spring or Summer, keeping them on tight schedules with little to no flexibility. Fall remodels offer more scheduling flexibility and one-on-one time with your contractor.

Discounted Rates

When the weather cools down, there is less demand for renovation work, resulting in discounted rates for services and materials. Remodeling contractors are likely to offer better deals in the Fall, giving the homeowner a chance to save a little money.

Indoor Projects

Warm weather equates to spending a majority of time outdoors, with exterior home improvement projects being the primary focus. As the temperatures change, it’s a great time to focus on indoor projects, such as a basement finish or bathroom remodel, as these home renovations not only improve the space, they increase the overall value of the property.

The Holidays

For those who love to entertain during the holidays, a Fall remodeling project can be a great way to improve any space. From a kitchen remodel that enhances functionally and adds additional space and seating for holiday gatherings, or an in-law suite renovation to improve amenities for out of town guests, the possibilities are endless.

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