With summer right around the corner, most of us think about spending more time outdoors. BBQ’s and backyard gatherings are a summertime staple in Colorado, and as much as we may like the idea of entertaining our friends and family, our backyards may lack the space or appeal to host those outdoor festivities. Adding a new deck could be the ideal solution to your entertaining and outdoor living needs, and KBC Remodel Service of Boulder County has the experienced  remodeling contractors ready to make it happen!

Things to Consider When Adding a Deck

  • The architecture of your home – Consider the style of your home when adding a new deck. Your deck design should sync with your house, as a sleek, modern style deck would look out of place on an old, Victorian home.
  • Size of your home and space – Assess the area and plan accordingly. If you have a large home, for example, then adding a sizable deck with one or two levels could be ideal. If your space is small, then a small deck would make the most sense.
  • Materials – Although would is the original material used for deck building, there are now many materials available for this project. From pressure-treated to weather-resistant woods, hardwoods to recycled alternatives, with various colors to choose from, the choice is yours.
  • Permits – It’s important to check with your city or county for building codes and permit requirements before beginning your deck addition.
  • Extras – Consider the extras that can make your deck all you want and more. Lighting, fire pits or fireplaces, railing, planters, seating, and storage; the possibilities for deck designs and ideas are endless.

Now that you are ready to kick off the summer with a new deck and start enjoying some outdoor living, remember, as with any remodel or addition to your home, it’s important to have a licensed, professional contractor assist you from start to finish. The experienced team at KBC Remodel Service of Boulder County will provide the quality service and craftsmanship you deserve. Contact them today!