Mudroom LongmontWith colder weather comes more layers and also more mess at times. Mudrooms are hard working areas that can corral the jumble of jackets, backpacks, sports gear and snow boots, keeping the rest of your home clutter-free. Not only do mudrooms contain the mess, they also are key in getting family members out the door on time by keeping all the essentials organized in one space. Whether you want to add a brand new mudroom or make your existing space more efficient, the designers at KBC Remodeling Services of Longmont have lots of experience in helping organize your home’s cluttered entrance!

Top Tips for a Functional and Attractive Mudroom

  • Custom cabinetry is key for keeping everything organized and tidy. Probably the most useful set up is low cubbies for shoes below a bench and open lockers for backpacks with upper shelving for baskets holding small items like hats and gloves.
  • Additional hooks for bags, coats and keys, and a bulletin board best utilize space on adjacent walls.
  • Take time to integrate the style of this room by using the same materials found in the rest of your home, and personalize the space with art and decorations.
  • Choosing durable flooring that can be easily cleaned is also important. And installing radiant heat would not only help to warm the space but also dry wet boots!

The above suggestions come from Houzz’s article, “The Handsome Mud Room”- check it out for more great ideas and photos. If your home has the space, consider additional tasks that would be best delegated to a mudroom such as the feeding spot for the family pet, a dog wash area or even a gift wrapping station! The professionals at KBC Remodeling Services of Longmont can help design and quickly install your ideal mudroom, call us today to get started before winter arrives!