The kitchen has become more than just a place to prepare meals, it has evolved to become the focal point of the home. From cooking and eating to gathering and socializing, the kitchen sees daily use for a variety of reasons. With that being said, modern custom kitchens that are stylish, yet practical, have become popular for many homeowners, and include amenities that enhance the functions of this space.

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If you are planning a custom kitchen, consider these custom kitchen remodeling ideas that are sure to please for years to come.

Increased Storage

Many kitchens lack precious counter space, making it difficult to accommodate the variety of small appliances that we see in today’s kitchens. Storing dry foods and canned goods can also become problematic when storage is lacking. Incorporating larder cupboards, dedicated pantries, built-in shelving, and kitchen organizers has become increasingly popular for homeowners wanting to maximize storage in the kitchen.

Large Islands

Large islands can serve multiple purposes, which is why bigger islands are a popular trend. Storage, cooking, prepping, and kitchen seating are just a few of the versatile uses a kitchen island offers, making them an essential component of a custom kitchen remodel.

Custom Cabinetry

There is a variety of choices when it comes to kitchen cabinets and budget will play a big factor when it comes to choosing the style and material, but regardless, a custom kitchen remodel would not be complete without custom cabinetry. Black and dark cabinets are trending for 2021 and provide a timeless elegance that some lighter colors lack. Seamless, clean-lined cabinetry with little hardware are also popular choices for the more modern kitchen.

New Flooring

Hardwood flooring is the way to go in 2021, with oak and walnut being the most common choices. Oak floors are an affordable option that can be stained in a hue to your liking, and they offer durability and beauty that will stand the test of time. Hickory flooring is also a great choice for homeowners that see heavy foot traffic.

Statement Lighting

Statement lighting is all the rage in today’s custom kitchen remodels. Eye-catching, oversized light fixtures centered over a dining table or island not only enhance the lighting in the kitchen, but they also add an aesthetic appeal that represents the unique personality of the homeowner.  

Zone lighting and showcase lighting are also popular in custom kitchens. Zone lighting incorporates pendant and/or recessed lighting throughout the kitchen where the lighting can be regulated according to the zone. Showcase lighting includes fixtures or lighting that spotlight certain features of the kitchen, such as display cabinets or elegant cabinetry.

Marble Countertops

The sophisticated, aesthetic appeal of marble has made it a desirable addition in today’s kitchen remodels. Because marble is a cost-effective, durable material that comes in several varieties, more and more homeowners are choosing marble countertops to complete their kitchens. The versatility and timeless beauty of marble will enhance the look of any kitchen, regardless of style or color scheme, while accommodating virtually any budget.

Bring the Outdoors In

Large windows and entry points are being included in custom kitchens, as connecting the outdoors with the kitchen has become an important feature for many households. Installing glass doors that lead to a deck or patio allow homeowners to open up their kitchens, providing more space for gatherings and entertaining. Removing small kitchen windows to incorporate large picture windows is another way that homeowners are choosing to mesh their kitchens with the great outdoors.

Textured Backsplashes and Bold Tiles

A great way to show off your personality while adding style to a custom kitchen is to incorporate textured backsplashes or bold tiles. The variety of colors, patterns, and textures in backsplash and tile options are endless and the addition of these materials are sure to make any kitchen stand out.

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A custom kitchen remodel is an investment, but with proper planning, quality materials, and the right design, remodeling the kitchen will make that investment worth every dime. Choosing the right remodeling contractor is also critical to ensuring that your kitchen remodel goes as planned, and for homeowners in Longmont and the surrounding areas, that kitchen remodeling contractor is KBC Remodeling Services.

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