Custom Island Peninsula  LongmontThe kitchen is truly the heart of the home- a fact we are frequently reminded of during the holidays when everyone gathers there during parties and celebrations. If your kitchen is lacking counter space, storage and/or seating, there is one feature that can fulfill all of these needs: an island or peninsula! The professional contractors at KBC Remodeling Services in Longmont can design and build a beautiful custom island or peninsula to drastically improve the function and layout of your kitchen!

A peninsula utilizes the available square footage of a U-shaped kitchen most efficiently, while providing just as much counter space and seating opportunities as an island would.

Peninsula Considerations

  • To imitate the look of an island, refrain from putting any cabinets on the wall where the peninsula is attached.
  • If more seating is desired, consider shortening the peninsula and adding another stool at the end of the counter.
  • When there is no room for counter seating plus a table, building a banquette on the back of the peninsula solves this problem perfectly!

When your kitchen is big enough to accommodate an island with three feet of space around all sides, then there are several creative ways to design this central feature.

Island Considerations

  • Instead of adding seating to just one side, think about dividing the island in half so one side has base storage and the other is open underneath for stools that face each other.
  • If you don’t want stools along the prep side of your island, extend the counter on two sides of the base cabinet to create perpendicular seating.
  • And if you like table-like islands but don’t want to sacrifice storage, raise the cabinets up off the floor to create that airy feeling.

Whether you’re ready to completely remodel your kitchen or just want to add more counter space, storage and seating to the layout, contact the design professionals at KBC Remodeling Services in Longmont for a custom island or peninsula! You’ll appreciate this functional and beautiful addition to your kitchen everyday!