Commercial renovations are a complex undertaking that require thoughtful planning. While every detail of a commercial remodel matters, creating the ideal floor plan for your commercial remodel is, perhaps, the most important aspect of the design.

The Importance of Floor Plans in a Commercial Remodel

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Floor plans play a vital role in promoting a business’s work environment and culture. A well-designed floor plan will accommodate the needs of your business, its employees, and clients. The planning and design of your floor plan should reflect your business, while enhancing efficiency, productivity, growth, and flow.

If your Denver area business is planning a commercial remodel, consider the following tips for creating the ideal commercial space:

Tips for Creating the Ideal Commercial Floor Plan

Consider the Flow

To ensure that your commercial space provides efficiency for employees, clients, equipment, products, etc., it’s important to consider the flow. Will the design allow for a smooth flow between offices and other areas that are important for the day-to-day functions of your company? Are the office spaces big enough to accommodate your staff comfortably? Is there adequate storage for products and/or equipment? Will the layout be easy for your customers to navigate?

Considering the flow in the design of your floor plan will allow for smoother operations of your business. Even more importantly, ensuring a smooth flow from the start will eliminate the need for costly renovations in the future.

Consider Multi-Purpose Spaces

Commercial floor plans can be designed so that a given space serves multiple purposes, especially when space is limited. For example, a commercial office could incorporate an employee lounge that doubles as a conference room or meeting area.

Creating commercial spaces that can serve multiple purposes is ideal for companies that want to reserve square footage for future growth.  

Consider Consolidating

Depending on your products or services, your commercial building’s floor plan could include consolidating areas that are redundant. Bulky walls that separate offices take up valuable floor space, so consider removing walls to create an open floor plan. Separate storage rooms could also be consolidated into one storage area to free up more space.

When designing your commercial floor plan, consider components, such as plumbing, and make sure that bathrooms, kitchens, or other areas that require plumbing are located near each other. This will alleviate the need for excessive piping throughout the establishment, which will save you on the costs of the renovation.

Consider Future Growth

Consider the long-term goals for your business when designing your commercial floor plan. If you’re planning on expanding your business to include more products or employees, this should be a part of your remodeling goals.

Consider Balance

Creating a balance between private and public workspaces has become increasingly popular in commercial remodeling. Implementing open floor plans allow for enhanced collaboration and easy modifications in the workspace. Closed areas that include walls and doors give employees an area free of distraction with more privacy.

Consider Finishes

The selection of finishes for your floor plan are endless! The finishes you choose should reflect your business and promote productivity and flow. With that in mind, the finishes will determine the costs of your remodel, so work with your commercial remodeling contractor to ensure your chosen finishes work within your budget.

Commercial Remodel Contractor Denver

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