Home Gym LongmontDid you make a new year’s resolution to exercise more in 2017? Having a dedicated space in your home to workout would certainly make it easier to meet your fitness goals. The professional designers and contractors at KBC Remodeling Services in Longmont have creative ideas and practical solutions to build a home gym in whatever space you have available.

5 Spaces to Construct a Home Gym

  1. Attic: A functional workout space doesn’t need a lot of square footage or vaulted ceilings. The attics in most houses are large enough to at least fit a treadmill, some weights and a yoga mat.
  2. Basement: Many basements have an awkward space adjacent to the stairs that would be a perfect alcove for one or two pieces of exercise equipment.
  3. Spare Bedroom: If your guest room is hardly ever used or has just become storage, consider re-purposing this valuable space for your health!
  4. Garage: For those with a three-car garage and only two cars, this would be the perfect place for a home gym. You’ll just want to be sure to overlay the cement with supportive, nonslip flooring.
  5. Sunroom: Enjoy the benefits of exercising in natural light while not having to contend with extreme temperatures, precipitation or wind!

Other considerations to take into account when designing a home gym are wiring for surround sound, mounting the TV higher and installing mirrors to check proper form. Finishing small spaces are fast and affordable remodeling projects that often provide a big return on a small investment. If you would like to invest in a home gym this year, the experienced staff at KBC Remodeling Services in Longmont look forward to helping you design and build a workout space to meet your fitness goals!