Custom Home Office Workspace LongmontNow that school has started again, maybe it’s time to rethink the homework station in your home. KBC Remodeling Services of Longmont employs expert designers that can create a multi-functional workspace anywhere in your home using beautiful custom cabinetry.

7 Places for a Custom Workspace

  1. Bedroom– A built-in wall unit in a bedroom can provide a desk and tons of storage for both office supplies and clothes!

2. Spare Room– If you have the space to dedicate an entire room to a workspace, consider setting up desks facing in opposite directions to cut down on distractions. Also think about installing surfaces at different heights so you can stand up (at counter-height) or stretch out (on a window seat) for a change of pace.

3. Family Room– Maybe you’d prefer the homework station to be in a more communal area so you can monitor progress and computer-usage, if so- the family room is the ideal spot. A customized unit in a warm wood finish or painted the same color as the wall will help it blend in with your other décor.

4. Kitchen/Dining Room– Many parents probably spend the majority of their time at home in the kitchen so setting up a work station here may make the most sense. If your home is smaller, an L-shaped unit can fit in almost any corner.

5. Nook– A small nook or alcove under the stairs could be converted into a workspace and might be the best solution to maximize this awkward space! A diner booth with built-in bookcases on the ends is one creative setup idea.

6. Hall– Even a wide hallway can be set up as a study station with a long, narrow desk and seating that moves out of the way when not in use.

7. Closet– If you’d rather have the workspace out of sight when not in use, retrofitting a spare closet is the answer! It will still provide plenty of space for a writing surface, shelving, storage and comfy chair.

Whether you’d like to customize your entire home office or just create a work station in another room of your home, the design experts at KBC Remodeling Services in Longmont can plan and install beautiful and functional cabinetry to maximize your space!

Ideas adapted from Houzz article, “10 Ways to Do More With a Customized Workspace” by Laura Gaskill