Today’s commercial offices have evolved into workspaces that promote a happier, safer, and more comfortable atmosphere. While there are those who still work remotely, the pandemic has inspired companies to reinvent the “average” office to better accommodate employees returning to work. For Denver area businesses wanting to transform your office space, consider the following commercial office design inspirations for 2022 and call KBC Remodeling Services.

Corporate Office Design Trends 2022

The Biophilic Office Design

An increasingly popular trend that we’re seeing in commercial office remodels is the biophilic office design. This design translates to bringing the outdoors into the workplace. A biophilic office includes more than the addition of foliage, it uses natural materials and outdoor spaces to enhance a natural, relaxed atmosphere, which promotes productivity and a sense of well-being.

Biophilic Office Remodels can Include:
Outdoor lounge space

Access to Outdoor Spaces

If a corporate office has access to outdoor spaces, such as a courtyard, balcony, or roof, these areas can be designed as additional workspaces. Incorporate tables and comfortable chairs so that employees can enjoy the outdoors while they work or take breaks.

Natural Lighting

Natural light has been proven to boost creativity, productivity, and energy levels of employees. Incorporate windows in spaces that will invite natural light. Take a minimalistic approach to furnishings so that natural light can reach all areas of the office. Forego cubicles and opt for glass panels instead. Choose materials with reflective properties to enhance natural lighting.

Use of Natural Materials

Wood, stone, and other natural textures mimic the outdoors. Using these materials in a commercial office remodel is the optimal way to bring the outdoors indoors.

Water Features

Water fountains, waterfalls, and other water features combined with other natural elements in the office provide a calming affect that can alleviate tension and promote a comfortable atmosphere for employees and visitors.

Open Concept Workstations

Open concept office

In many offices, cubicles and closed doors are the norm. In recent years, however, open concept workstations have become more and more popular. Companies have opted to renovate their offices with an open concept so that employees can enjoy their workspace while they work. A balanced office remodel can include an open concept design with areas that offer more privacy.

Lounge and Leisure Areas

When remodeling a commercial office, consider including an area where staff can take breaks, and enjoy them! Lounges and leisure areas have become increasingly popular, as they are a great place for employees to “wind down”. Not only are leisure and lounge spaces a great area for staff to relax, but they can also be designed as another space to work comfortably.

Noise Management

With more open concept designs in the workplace, the need for noise management is greater. Implementing sound absorption materials can reduce distractions in the office. There are a variety of noise reduction products that can be included in a corporate office renovation that will filter out ambient noise while providing an aesthetically pleasing look. Sustainable, acoustic ceiling panels and decorative wall tiles are just some of the available options for reducing noise in the office.

Colors and Patterns

Color can have a big impact on one’s mood and emotions. In the workplace, it’s important to choose colors and patterns that represent your company, while providing an aesthetically pleasing work environment for the employees. Whether bold colors and patterns, or a more conservative design motif, choosing the right patterns and colors will make all the difference in how your staff performs.

If your company prefers more neutral tones for walls and flooring, consider adding pops of color with furniture and décor.

Now that you know what’s trending for commercial office designs in 2022, finding a remodeling contractor who can bring your vision to life is the next step. In Denver and the surrounding areas, that contractor is KBC Remodeling Services.

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