remodeling contractor LongmontWhen remodeling an area of your home, one of the biggest impacts is the paint color you choose. KBC Remodeling Services of Longmont offers the advice of expert designers and an experienced remodeling contractor to ensure your new space will look and feel exactly like you imagined!

Home Remodeling Contractor Suggestions for Paint Colors

Dining Room: Red is a welcoming, warm hue that marketers attribute to stimulating the appetite. Using a shade of red in your dining room will imbue the space with a vibrant energy, and hopefully spark a lot of good conversations around the table!

Kitchen: It’s hard to debate that yellow is the most cheerful color, and the kitchen is a room that you want to feel happy and bright. Home buyers must agree that yellow belongs in the kitchen because they were willing to pay more for homes with this sunny space.

Living Room: White is the ultimate neutral and best choice to promote relaxation, which is how you want to feel in this space meant for lounging. According to Wendy Greenhalf of the International School of Colour and Design, “Warm whites will give you a softer, traditional look, [whereas] clean cool whites will give a more contemporary, crisp look to a room.” One tip is to use contrasting textures to help break up large areas of white.

Office: Blue has been proven to improve productivity by lowering your heart rate and boosting focus, so it is a perfect pick for your home office. Blue is a diverse hue- just think of all the variations in water- so whether you prefer a tropical aqua or muted navy, there is a blue that will help you concentrate and be productive in your office!

Bedroom: Your bedroom is where you go to rest, dream and recharge so the space should feel like a retreat and green is the best color to encourage that peaceful atmosphere. There is a reason that most spas use green in their decorating- it is the dominate color of nature, symbolizing growth and life. With so many shades of green to choose from, there is sure to be one that fits your style and will impart calm and comfort to your bedroom.

You can count on the expert knowledge and experience of a trusted remodeling contractor to guide you through every step of a renovation, including color selection, when you choose to work with KBC Remodeling Services of Longmont. We look forward to getting started on your project!