basement contractor LongmontWith home prices soaring along the Front Range, moving may no longer be an option for your growing family and finding extra living space in your current home may now be top priority! Turning your basement into a functional and beautiful space is the solution for adding square footage to your home- call the experienced basement contractors at KBC Remodeling Services of Longmont to get started!

Top Tips from a Basement Contractor

Ceiling: Working around duct work and pipes to conceal this unattractive infrastructure is where a professional contractor’s experience pays off. They can reroute pipes, ducts and wires to one area in order to make the lower ceiling less intrusive or obvious, instead of multiple boxed soffits.

Although most people prefer the finished look of drywall over tiles, there is a case for them. When a kitchen or bathroom floods upstairs, that water will come through the basement ceiling and if you’ve installed ceiling tiles, the repair will be much easier than drywall. There are also more sculptural options available now than the ugly textured tiles from decades ago.

Plumbing: Before deciding to add a bathroom in the basement, you will want to assess whether special equipment will be necessary. If the main drain for the house is aboveground, a grinder and pump will be necessary additions- and expenses!

Waterproofing: It is highly likely that at some point your basement will experience more moisture than it should. Plan ahead by installing a floor drain that empties into a storm drain or sump pump pit to save the furniture and other items in storage from a flood. Choosing flooring, like tile, that can handle water is also a good idea.

Lighting: A critical element in how welcoming a basement feels, is light. Bring in as much natural light as possible by installing window wells. (Egress windows are also required by building codes when finishing a basement.) Again, to avoid water problems, add a drain in the well.

Since the ceilings in basements are often low, installing lighting that reflects up will help add visual height to the room. Recessed lighting may also need to be installed closer together for adequate illumination.

Although it takes more creativity, finishing a basement in a warm and inviting way is possible with the professional basement contractor of KBC Remodeling Services in Longmont!