Avoid These Common Basement Finishing Mistakes for Optimal Results

Finishing a basement can be an exciting project, but when mistakes happen, it can be a total disaster! Hiring a reputable general contractor who can assist with the planning and knows what basement finishing mistakes to avoid is essential for a successful project. In Denver, that general contractor is KBC Remodeling Services.

KBC Remodeling Services has provided quality residential remodeling and basement finishes in the Denver Metro area for almost 30 years. Our general contractors are highly skilled in their trade and deliver superior workmanship you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Basement finishes are just one of our specialties at KBC Remodeling. These projects create a beautiful space that provides functionality and added value to the home. However, when certain aspects of the basement plans aren’t addressed, it can cause serious problems and costly repairs down the road.

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Avoiding these common mistakes is key for getting the most out of your basement finishing project:

Uninviting Stairway

Stairways are an important component of basement finishes and should make the transition from the main level to the basement effortless. Avoid steep and narrow stairways that can be intimidating for the home’s occupants and visitors. Instead, widen the stairwell to make it feel more open and easier to navigate, use handrails, and implement a landing or curve.

Unresolved Drainage Plan

It’s not uncommon for basements to flood. Flooding can happen for several reasons, but unresolved drainage plans are usually the culprit. Drainage issues around the home’s foundation, leaks, storms, and other factors can also be responsible for water damage and flooding in a basement. Make sure you plan for adequate drainage and address any issues before starting your project. This will save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Awkward Basement Floorplan

The basement is a part of the home, and the layout should reflect that. Design your basement finish so that it is comfortable. Whether a mancave, theater, or in-law suite, the basement should “flow” and feel like an extension of the home. Incorporate aesthetics similar to the rest of the home for optimal “flow”.

Avoid “boxy” floorplans that make the layout feel smaller. Your basement finish should be inviting, and choppy layouts can hinder that. When it comes to ductwork, piping, and mechanical components that are typically housed in the basement, consider an enclosure or closet that can hide them while allowing access, yet is aesthetically pleasing.

Wrong Materials

Basements are a breeding ground for mold due to the moisture and humidity they hold. The wrong materials used in a basement finish can result in costly damage and repairs. When finishing a basement, opt for inorganic materials, such as gypsum or cement boards for drywall, and foam or water-resistant fiberglass for insulation. Tile, brick, and linoleum are other building materials that are resistant to moisture and mold. Avoid wood, paper facing drywall, and Masonite, as they are just some materials that see considerable mold growth.

Inadequate Lighting

It can be difficult to get natural lighting in a basement. While windows are a must, there will likely be very little sunlight making its way in. It’s important that lights be installed throughout the basement so that the space is enjoyable. Pendant lights and lights along walls that offer a dimmable feature are great considerations.

No Noise Control

Imagine transforming your basement into a family room or theater, but your mechanical system or washing machine makes so much noise you can’t enjoy it. Regardless of your vision for your basement finish, noise control should be an important consideration. Talk to your general contractor about sound-absorbing materials that can be strategically placed in walls, ceilings, and floors to cut out excess noises.

Denver’s Experienced Basement Finishing Contractor

Basement finishing requires thoughtful planning to ensure optimal results. At KBC Remodeling Services, our full-service contracting company has been providing quality basement finishes for satisfied clients in Denver and the surrounding areas since 1986. Our dedicated team has the knowledge and experience to tackle any remodeling project, regardless of scope. From design to build, we work with you every step of the way to make certain your remodeling project meets or exceeds all expectations.

Superior service, attention to detail, and quality workmanship – you can expect nothing less from the professional contractors at KBC Remodeling Services. Call us today to request your free basement finishing estimate. We look forward to working with you!