bathroom remodeler LongmontWhen planning a bathroom remodel, adding a backsplash might not be a thought that ever crosses your mind- but it should! In her article about bathroom backsplashes on Houzz, Meera Innes points out that “The functional nature of sinks might not always inspire style, but the backsplash can be a bathroom centerpiece.” Below are some suggestions to consider for this small detail with big design potential. KBC Remodeling Services in Longmont is an experienced bathroom remodeler with design experts that specialize in creating functional and beautiful spaces.

Top Tips for Choosing a Bathroom Backsplash

  • Make a statement: Choose a tile that differs in color, pattern or shape from those used in the rest of the space. Or consider extending the backsplash up the entire wall as another way to call attention to this decorative feature.
  • Define the area: Besides protecting the wall from splashes, adding a backsplash above the bathroom sink provides a chance to add character to an otherwise functional space.
  • Match your style: Whether you prefer a minimalist or glamorous aesthetic, the bathroom vanity is an area where you spend a lot of time so make it something you enjoy gazing upon!
  • Emphasize color or texture: While a neutral palette in bathrooms is normally suggested for lasting appeal, adding a pop of color or bold pattern in the backsplash adds interest while also allowing for an easy change in the future since it is such a small area.
  • Coordinate with fixtures: If your bathroom fixtures and hardware are modern, elegant or vintage, then the backsplash should also be in that style. Bathrooms are small rooms, so a lot of contrasting elements will clash– overall cohesion should be the goal.

Don’t overlook the potential to add personality in this functional area with an eye-catching backsplash! Enlist the help of an expert bathroom remodeler by calling KBC Remodeling Services today to start planning a stunning transformation!